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3 ways to stand out in a crowd


courtesy of kalandrakas

The easiest way to stand out of a crowd might be to gel your hair in crazy ways, maybe add some hair dye, and put on something plaid or fluorescent. Likely, the bigger and puffier your clothes are, the more you’ll stand out. And, just to throw it over the edge, you could even stand on a post office box and wave your hands while yelling “look at me!”

People will look!
(see how we did that?)

While we don’t have fluorescent red or plaid for you to use when selling your items on one of our sites in the community, if you want to make sure your ads stand out in a crowd, we have the next best thing…Yellow! Plus, a handful of other options to help you make sure your used stuff gets sold!

Here are 3 examples of how you can make your ad stand out:

  1. Latest Ad Upgrade – with the highest traffic on the site, listing your ad on this page will give you long-term exposure to a wide cross section of people

  2. Top Ad + Premium Ad Upgrade – This is the best option for big-ticket items like TVs, cars, jewelry, or snazzy electronics. Not only will your ad be listed at the top of its category, it’ll also be highlighted in yellow to make it extra eye-catching.
  3. Category Gallery Upgrade – If you have a number of individual, but related items, such as multiple furniture pieces or autoparts, we can help you make sure they all get sold. Give them longer term exposure in their category by placing them in the gallery where they’ll march along together, like a well oiled machine.
There are other ways to mix and match our upgrades so that your ads will get noticed. Next time you place an ad, these suggestions will be there … We\’re here to help you sell your stuff!
And, don’t forget, all of our basic ads are absolutely FREE!
For inexpensive single items, you’ll find that they’ll sell quickly and you probably won’t even need to make them stand out. But for the times you really need to make sure your ad gets noticed, you might want to try out one of these upgrades.
You’ll stand out in a crowd, without ever having to dye your hair.

Nick Kempinski is the leader of UsedEverywhere's social media efforts. Working with a team of writers to create this blog. But also works with great programmers to make all sites in the UsedEverywhere network more sharing friendly.

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