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There is something about a newspaper. The sound when it lands on a doorstep, the aroma it gives off when unfolded, the suspension of time as information is ingested, and the smudge of the print on fingertips, all combine to make a unique sensory experience for the reader.

These days, newspapers are often overlooked for the modern devices of convenience that come in digital form. We have a tendency to surpass tradition for what’s new despite the functionality of infallible mediums. A swipe on a screen or a quick message can elicit immediate response but in turn can be forgotten in an instance.

But what if, from time-to-time, we went back to where it all started? If we could trust the old methods and take a chance on the past? Perhaps time would slow down a bit, connections would deepen and communication would be slightly more meaningful.

This may sound odd coming from an online classifieds site like; however, in these technology-driven times we covet the chance to unplug, reduce screen time and get back-to-basics. Print classifieds are alive and well in newspapers across Canada and their significance is not lost on us.

Full disclosure: Black Press Group Ltd. is our parent company and is the largest privately owned newspaper publisher in Canada. Combined, we have created a niche for print and online classifieds with both types offering distinct benefits to our communities. A key difference is that a small fee is associated with placing a print classified, and in turn, very few free or low quality items are listed in print. This often translates to higher valued items such as real estate listings, job postings and vehicles populating the print classified pages. As an added benefit, print ads now also appear on local sites which increases exposure. This is an essential factor in selling an item, especially for something as valuable as a home or car. Reaching out to a broad audience can increase sales prospects and word-of-mouth referrals. Newspapers tend to have a readership that is loyal and therefore a built-in audience is accessible who may not look for classifieds online.

If we can find a cohesive relationship between traditional and modern methods perhaps balance can be maintained in an accelerated world. A cup of coffee, a newspaper and a moment away from a screen can provide a much needed digital detox but still elicit a sense of connection and fulfill a purpose in a shared economy.

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